Rosh Hashanah 2020

Rosh Hashanah is the day of shouting as described by the Jewish population spread throughout the world. This important holiday’s biblical name is Yom Teruah and is the first of the Jewish High Holidays. Since the dates of Jewish Holidays change because of how Gregorian Calendar works, the exact date for Rosh Hashanah 2020 also changes.

Jews have several religious traditions depending on which holiday they’re celebrating. Fasting is one of the main figures in the Jews’ religion and so many Jewish holidays include festivals and fasting days.

The two-day celebration of Rosh Hashanah begins on the first day of Tishrei which is called ”Civil Year” as an anniversary for Adam and Eve, the world’s welcome to the very first of the humans according to the Hebrew Bible.

Rosh Hashanah is maybe the most interesting Holiday among the all Jewish Holidays. During this two-day period, Jews eat their symbolic foods, do their particular prayer services and participate in religious sermons.

Symbolic Foods of Rosh Hashanah

Jews generally celebrate their major Holidays with symbolic foods. Some food’s amount, type, even mixtures of several foods can be particular to a Holiday. Rosh Hashanah has so many variables and those foods can be seen in different styles depending on the preferences of different Jewish Groups. The most famous Rosh Hashanah foods can be seen below:

  • Head of fish
  • Apples dipped in honey, generally in slices
  • Phoenix dactylifera, spinach, black-eyed peas, gourds, Leeks ( In Summary, foods included in Talmud)
  • Lekach: A cake that has honey in its recipe
  • Gefilte fish: An appetizer made of ground fishes (pike, carp, etc.)
  • Pomegranate: Almost all the Jews eat this traditional fruit on Rosh Hashanah
  • Challah: A typical round bread with sesame on it

There as a special instrument made of ram’s horn, Shofar. It is sounded like a religious tradition during Rosh Hashanah days. There is a famous religious ritual called “Tashlikh” which is performed by Jews during High Holidays.

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