Most important Jewish Holidays

Once a separated flock of religion through the world, Jews managed to establish an independent Jewish country called ‘ Israel ‘ in 1948, since the beginning of the establishment of the country, The Jews in Israel has had so many battles against Arabian countries surrounding the Middle Eastern area.

Almost all of these wars were won by the Israeli side because of the never-ending dispute between the leading Arabian countries of the region. Claiming the most powerful Arab country in the region, Egypt led so many coalitions against the state of Israel and failed. These failures caused Egypt’s image in the region and so many unsolved problems that reach today occurred

An ancient instrument called ‘ Shofar ‘ which is an important figure for the Rosh Hashanah seen in the hands of a Jew

Since the early days of the independent Jewish Country’s establishment, The Jew citizens of the country have had a chance to fulfill their duties over religious holidays with the protection and supervision of the state.

We have a chart showing the common important holidays of the Jewish population. This chart does not include all of the holidays but those of the important ones.

Holiday DescriptionDate (2019)Date(2020)
Yom KippurThe day of atonement and repentanceWednesday, October 9 Monday, September 28
Rosh HashanahThe Day of Shofar ShoutingMonday, September 30Saturday, September 19

HanukkahThe Candle Lighting FestivalMonday, December 23 Friday, December 11
PassoverCommemoration day of Exodus from slavery in EgyptSaturday, April 20 Thursday, April 9
ShavuotCelebrating the end of winter and first grains of the year.Sunday, June 9 Friday, May 29
SukkothCelebrating the new harvest and commemoration day of the wilderness of the Jewish people after the Exodus Monday, October 14 Saturday, October 3

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