Jewish Holidays in October 2020

Looking at when the next Jewish holiday is going to be confusing as not all sources differ the Academic and the Hebrew calendar. This post only shows the Jewish holidays during October, not Tishrei.

Usually, there is only two Jewish holidays in October. That’s of course if you count Shemini Atzeret as a holiday. Its observance is pretty much the same as the rest of Sukkot. However, there are a few differences. These are

  • There is no more shaking of the lulav and etrog
  • During the meals, blessings to sanctify us through the commandment to dwell in it is no longer said.
  • Yizkor, the memorial prayer is recited during the synagogue
  • During the repetition of Musaf, prayer for rain, also known as Geshem is added

All of these things are what make Shemini Atzeret more unique but in its own ways.

Shemini Atzeret 2020 Date: Evening of October 9 through the evening of October 11.

While Shemini Atzeret starts on October 9, Sukkot ends.

In 2020, Sukkot will begin on October 2 and end on October 9. It is a Biblical festival. On this day, we remember the years Jews spent in the desert before they reached the Promised Land after the exodus from Egypt. Sukkot also means huts in Hebrew.

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