Jewish Holidays In April 2020

Jewish Religion is so famous for its great number of Holidays in a year. But the dates of these holidays change every year according to the old Hebrew Calendar. Nisan means April in Hebrew Calendar. Let’s take a look at Jewish Holidays in April 2020.

Shabbat HaGadol – 4 April

The one that is celebrated before Passover. It centers 10 days before the Israeli People’s Exodus from Egypt. A Haftarah reading particular to this Shabbat is read from the book of Malachi. An enormous sermon is prepared for the general Jewish community in the afternoon.

Yom HaAliyah – 4 April

It is the commemoration day of Jewish People’s entering the Israeli land as written in the Hebrew Bible. The event took place at the tenth of Nisan month

Yud Aleph Nissan – 4-5 April

It is the birthday of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson. He was the leader of the Chabad dynasty of Hasidism. It is the 11th day of Nisan according to the Hebrew Calendar. His birthday is celebrated by his followers every year in an atmosphere of a festival.

Education and Sharing Day – 5 April

With the signature of the President of the United States, Education and Sharing Day has been celebrated annually to honor Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneersın. Every year, the importance of education and morality is focused on this holiday.

Fast of the Firstborn – 8 April

It is the day of the plague spread upon the firstborn children of Egypt, but the lives of the Israeli were spared. This is a special fast for the Jews since firstborn males of a Jewish family fast on this day only. If the firstborn is under 13, his father fasts instead.


Passover is one of the biggest Holidays of the Jewish religion for its widespread celebration around the world. It is maybe the greatest holiday celebrated for the commemoration of the 10th day of Israeli Exodus from the lands of Egypt after the firstborn male Children of Egypt were plagued.

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