Jewish Holidays 2020 / 2021

There are too many Jewish Holidays celebrated in ways according to their importance. It’s forbidden to work during some holidays. Some are celebrated for just one day while the others for days.

The Jewish calendar is a very complicated one considering the other calendars. Because the date of the holidays changes every year.

Sometimes it is 2 weeks early than the previous year’s, sometimes 3 weeks later. It changes every year and updated holiday dates are announced by the Jewish authorities to the society.

For those who’d like to learn some information about Jewish holiday culture and those of don’t know anything about the holidays, we prepared a holiday chart showing the year 2019 and 2020’s schedule

Monday, September 30 Rosh HaShanah The great judgement day ( repentance day )
Wednesday, October 9 Yom Kippur* Confession and fast day of prayer
Monday, October 14 Sukkot* An ancient holiday of celebrating the new harvest
Monday, October 21 Shemini Atzeret* The end of Sukkot, praying for rain one-time per year
Tuesday, October 22 Simchat Torah* The day that Jews celebrate the finishing of the reading Torah’s scroll
Tuesday, November 5 Yom HaAliyah Celebrating the Jews’ entrance to the land of Israeli at the tenth of the Hebrew month of Nisan.
Monday, December 23 Hanukkah Festival of liberation, freedom. Candles are lighted each day.
Monday, February 10 Tu BishvatDay of Trees , Trees are planted for celebration.
Tuesday, March 10 Purim Celebration of escape from massacre described in Book of Esther
Saturday, April 4 Yom HaAliyah Celebrating the Jews’ entrance to the land of Israeli at the tenth of the Hebrew month of Nisan.
Thursday, April 9 Pesach Celebration of the Jews’ release from Egyptian rule.
Tuesday, April 21 Yom Ha’Shoah Holocaust Remembrance Day
Wednesday, April 29 Yom Ha’atzmaut Israeli State Independence Day
Tuesday, May 12  Lag Ba’omer Period between Passover and Shavuot.
Monday, May 25 Pesach Sheni Korban Pesach is the main thing done in this day
Friday, May 29 Shavuot* Celebrating the giving of the Torah by God
Thursday, July 30 Tisha B’Av Commemoration Day of the destruction of the second Temple in Jerusalem by Romans

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