Jewish Holidays in December

There are lots of public and religious holidays in Jewish Culture. The December days we’re living also the celebration days of the famous Jewish Holiday Hanukkah.

Hanukkah or Chanukah Holiday is celebrated between December 23-30 this year. The Holiday lasts for 8 days and is full of traditional Jewish events, fried foods, lightings with nightly atmosphere and mostly prayers…

How is Hanukkah Celebrated?


The most interesting element of Hanukkah is the nine-branched menorah lighting. The Menorah is put near to the front window of the house so people passing through can see the lights and remember the importance of Hanukkah days. There is no specific type of menorah and families prefer their own style of Menorah for Hanukkah.

Starting traditionally from the left, one candle is lit every night until every candle’s lit at the eight and the last day of Hanukkah. The candle which is not in the order with the rest of the candles is generally used to light the candles.


Dreidel is a small toy made generally out of wood. Kids spin it on the ground and wait for it to stop. They generally challenge each other with the┼čr own dreidels. This toy is one of the colorful figures of Hanukkah and has even a song.


Olive Oil is an important figure in Jewish food culture. According to the Jews History, the Second Temple’s Menorah was lit by a small flask of oil. Latkes and most of the other foods are fried in hot olive oil.

Doughnuts filled with strawberry jelly are another important food related to Hanukkah. Another famous Jewish food is Fritas de Prasa or Keftes de Prasa, a latke-like pancake made of fried potatoes. They are traditionally served in not just Hanukkah but in almost all the other Jewish celebrations.

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